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Here your will find resources to recommended books and book reviews, mostly from an older annotated bibliography. Many authors have written more recent books. I will attempt to update. I invite you to share books and resources you love in comments below.

Also here is research, science links about tree and interspecies communication, and the Human Biofield science.

I list related organizations to IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences It has been a great gift to me, in its quest to wake up humanity. They show how our consciousness interacts with, affects, and is affected by the intelligence of everyone and everything we encounter. To the point that we discover our Oneness with All That Is. Happy reading!

Please share your own thoughts and resources. below

Books on Trees

Findhorn, Dorothy Maclean, Devas

Angels, Devas, Nature Spirits

Humans in Relationship to Nature

Plants, Gardens: Nature Partnership

Animal Communication

Science of Plant Communication

Mind Body

Nature’s Intelligence

Devas and Nature Spirits

IONS, Noetic Sciences

Indigenous Wisdom



Spiritual Practices