On Talking With Trees, an invitation

Please consider joining me for a workshop at Tryon Creek State Park on talking to trees. It will be a first in the series of Deva Communion workshops. I would love for other people to learn the skills, so that they can be revived among humanity, and not pass out of our reach, as the elders pass out of their physical forms.

People have been telling me how much our planet needs this at this time. And how many young people would like to learn to communicate with Mother Earth, with trees, plants, insects, birds and animals. I can teach this. I am here to be of service to you in this way.

It is time that these skills emerge from dormancy and for the flowers of the spring of life to blossom and bloom in all their varied colors. And for us to nurture life in each other and with our precious planet.

Let me know if you’re interested!

One Comment on “On Talking With Trees, an invitation

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