Heal the Earth? Classes for You

Are you waking up to heal our planet?

Are you already taking steps to reverse climate change? Do you have the conviction that united, with our hearts full of love and compassion, and with focused intention, we can make a difference? Or are you struggling with “climate despair” and feeling either depression or anger?

I learned that we are on the threshold of a new era. And that despair gives way to the fierce determination to make a difference. The recent IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) Conference, and the CHI (Consciousness and Healing Initiative) pre-conference, Biofield Science and Healing July, 2019 gave me new hope.

IONS speakers told of how science, spirituality, and activism are coming together. They know we can use the power of our collective consciousness for the good of the whole.img_6331-e1568029345335.jpg

Inner call to IONS

I had been called inwardly to re-start teaching Communication with Nature classes. I looked online, with different search terms, to convince myself that I was not alone. And not crazy. I came across various beloved authors. Their older books line my walls. Then I read Jude Currivan, a physics and consciousness oriented cosmologist, author of The Cosmic Hologram.

Jude was going to be teaching in Santa Clara. I thought, “that’s not so far”. I looked at the program, and realized all these faves, and dozens of others were also going to be speaking!

Out of 700 people, I did not know a single person, beforehand. And yet we are all in this together. And we can find a way out, together.

Jude Currivan: fractal patterns for peaceimg_5960.jpg

Dr. Currivan introduced some of the latest physics. How the apparent solidity of the physical world is not the true reality. 99.99% is nothingness, black holes and dark matter. What is left is ripples and relationships in energy fields. The fundamental unit is no longer the atom, but information.

img_6390.jpgShe spoke of how fractal patterns are universal–from how metals change their state, to river systems, coastlines, biological relations like rabbit reproduction, to patterns of wildfires, earthquakes and galaxies. And how they play out in human behavior, computer and social networks.

Please take note of this if you are prone to “climate despair”:

Jude said that the fractal patterns of hurricanes and earthquakes, the destructive patterns of our wars and conflicts can be mirrored by how we can manifest the same power to create peace.

It’s apparently up to us.

john a. powell: Overcoming “othering”

john a. powell spoke eloquently about overcoming the sense of separateness, the “othering” that plagues our social relations. He spoke of the deep divisions in this country, that show up in immigration suffering, in bitterness and political hostility, in denial of the basic humanity of the other as oneself.

The “othering” can be across races. It can be across gender differences, economic inequality, national borders, religions. It can be across species.

Compassionate Interspecies Communication

We can overcome that sense of separation, of “otherness” and experience oneness with each other. Also with trees, plants, and yes, even with insects. We can train ourselves to apply universal love, translate it into compassion, and tap into our higher purposes for being here.

At this conference, I heard that dominance is on the way out as we become more woke. And habits of “othering” can be overcome. In fact, we are all on the threshold of a new way to live, to find our gifts and use them (see gifts)

How are you already part of this change?

Have you also been working hard, to serve your family, community, humanity and the planet? Every act of loving kindness, blessing, forgiveness counts. I invite you to extend that love to communicate with nature.

Are you already aware of the interconnectedness of all living things? Do you know about how trees communicate through fungal networks, called the Wood Wide Web? Do you know how plants communicate with each other?

We can retrain our minds.

We need to overcome some false beliefs. Perhaps first is to throw out the belief in human dominance. Replace it with mutuality, respect, compassion, knowing that we are interconnected, even intertwined.

You can:

  • Talk with trees
  • Cooperate lovingly with insects
  • Rise up with mountains
  • Tune into your pet
  • Talk to your body
  • Make friends with Crow or Rattlesnake

I am here to be of service to you in this way.

Our positive intent can be part of the emerging fractal patterns of conscious unity and planetary healing.

Upcoming workshops and classes

Portland, Oregon

(Free and open to the public in 2019. Pre-registration required to hold space.)

Nature Communication To Heal Ourselves, Heal the Earth


Tryon Creek State Park
(Nature Center, to Jackson Shelter)
11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd
Portland, OR 97219


Monday, September 2, 10:30 AM. Connect with Nature, Wisdom of the Trees.

Tues. Sept 17. 2:00-4:00 PM. Tree intelligence and human communication

  • How trees communicate with each other, Wood Wide Web
  • How trees and humans communicate
  • How to know when trees are talking back-mindful body awareness
  • Gain peace and equanimity, release stress, send love and healing into the Earth

Sun. Sept. 22 10:00 AM-12:30 PM Talk with Trees to Heal the Earth

  • Your strongest communication modes
  • Biofield awareness: Use your body, quiet the mind
  • Formulate questions, find a tree that calls to you
  • Overcome “climate despair” as we experience the power of this partnership.

Sun. Sept. 29, 10 AM-12:00 PM Wisdom of Trees: Heal Ourselves and the Earth

  • Basics of talking with trees.
  • Open our hearts to connect. Experience calm and peace. Release tensions and stresses.
  • Send healing into Mother Earth
  • Offer our questions to the trees and listen for their response. 


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2 classes

1. 10AM-12:00 PM Nature Communication: Bridge to the Infinite

  • Intelligence in plants (Science)
  • Spiritual meaning and value of trees around the world
  • Heart-brain coherence: love, peace, presence, gratitude, joy; let your heart expand
  • How heart-brain coherence opens up two-way Nature communication.

2. 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM Wisdom of the Trees: Heal Ourselves

  • Talk with trees, 12 steps to connect
  • Open our hearts: all senses. Even listen to the forest whisper to itself.
  • Experience calm and peace. Release tensions and stresses.
  • Offer our questions and listen for their response. 

Another Tues. afternoon class will be added in October. Probably Oct. 29, 2-4 PM

November, December 2019 and January, February 2020 classes will be indoors in Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA

Saturday, Nov. 16, 7-9 PM. Potluck and sharing 6:30-7:00 pm, Vancouver, WA at private home. Nature Communication, Bridge to the Infinite, Heal the Earth. Indoors, PPT slide show. Must register through Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS, Vancouver chapter. email me for details. rosi@devacommunion.com

TBA: Heart-Focused Meditation to Heal the Earth

December, Los Angeles ($ sliding scale) Nature Communication: Bridge to the Infinite

Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019 9:30 AM-5:30 PM

Location TBA. Bring paper and pen; art materials; recording device; an open heart; an open mind; problems and questions.

A. Wisdom of the Trees, Intelligence and Communication

B. Human communication modes; use your body and Biofield to feel, hear, sense, or see

C. Personal healing with the trees

D. Tree intelligence, human partnership. Meditation with Trees as Bridge to the Infinite

E. Talk with Trees for Healing the Earth

For all events:

Pre-registration required.

If you would like to be notified when the next Talking with Trees or Heal the Earth class/ workshop is offered, please contact me:

rosi@devacommunion.com or


Or leave a comment below.

5 Comments on “Heal the Earth? Classes for You

  1. Well done, Rosi!!! Encouraging you to keep doing Swami’s work…All this all helps to bring about Swami’s Golden Age, in minute but vital ways. :)God/Swami bless!Me.



  2. This is wonderful Rosi. Can online courses be done or can you travel to the East Coast and conduct these blessed workshops?


    • Re: East Coast classes. Sraddhalu Ranade was an outstanding and inspiring speaker at the IONS conference, and CHI pre-conference. He is from the Sri Aurobindo ashram in India. (He is in the picture with Jude Currivan on this post.)

      He introduced me to a woman from North Carolina (I think😊🙏🏼), who will be founding an Aurobindo-affiliated retreat center. She wanted me to teach workshops there, in 2020.


    • Re: online. I have been getting some coaching on how to do YouTube and Facebook Live. I would need to buy a tripod, not sure about lighting or how to post online. My efforts to get an experienced filmmaker have fallen through.

      I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Technological savvy is yet to come. I am also willing to come to the East Coast and teach directly, if somebody else can organize it.

      Thank you so much for asking. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼Perhaps this will light a fire in me. Do you have other suggestions? Of how to make this happen?


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