Are Devas Real?

If you believe that only ordinary sense information is real, no. Devas and Nature Intelligences are not perceptible by the five limited human senses. Perceptions by intuition, the third eye, inner hearing, and auric or morphogenetic fields are not generally subject to Western consensus reality. They are difficult to evaluate in terms of scientific evidence. … Continue reading Are Devas Real?

Restoring Plant GMO’s to Normal Genes

GMO DISEASE-my rant (written 2006-needs updating) Genetically engineered crops are the cancer of the plant world. Genetically modified organisms (GMO's) spread irregularly, by wind, insects, and other pollinating agents, infecting stands of healthy, non-modified crops. GE crops are less productive, more costly, and their long term health hazards are unknown. They have been engineered by … Continue reading Restoring Plant GMO’s to Normal Genes