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Teach! Or Be Thrown to Whales!

breathtaking clouds Columbia Gorge trail

Deva Communion Background, Rosi’s story

Rosi’s favorite childhood companions in rural Massachusetts were a cat she adopted, and the neighbor farmer’s horses and cows. She felt sorry for how the horses’ grass was so short, and would bring them armloads of luscious overgrown grasses (“weeds”) from her family’s side of the fence. The horses came to the fence to talk with her. They never turned down her offerings.

She also was fascinated by how her parents added vegetable scraps to the garden compost heap, and out sprang these curious little fellows, garden worms!

Even today, in Portland, Oregon, she loves gardening. She started conscious organic gardening in 1971.

Findhorn, Kinship With All Life–Communicate with Plants, Insects

However, 1977 was the beginning of a great adventure that made sense of experiences she had had since she was small. She read books such as The Findhorn Garden, To Hear the Angels Sing and To Honor the Earth, by Dorothy Maclean; as well as J. Allen Boone’s Kinship With All Life.

At her Colonel Summers Park community garden plot, she started talking with plants and insects and they all talked back. That seemed normal to her. She assumed the purpose of Findhorn was to encourage people to talk to their gardens. Her garden partner argued that it wasn’t easy to learn from a book. She thought Rosi should teach.

But Rosi was not eager to teach. She loved the connection with all of nature and the inner communion she had had since she was small. And she loved the deep stillness that nature brought. She preferred to keep it private. However, the Devas argued that Rosi should teach.

Rosi decisions: like hanging moss lit by the sun

Guess what? Turn of the century, it’s a new era. Rosi speaks.

I was stubborn. (And perhaps a bit shy, and insecure.) Teaching was not my gig, or so I thought. In November of 2000 Devas appeared in a dream as angelic beings of light and again on the mountainside above my home in Grants Pass, Oregon. They insisted that I take people into nature and teach them to communicate the way I did.

They said my way of communing was simple, and people needed to learn simple ways to deepen their connection with Nature. I protested, and said, “You must have the wrong person. I don’t teach workshops, there must surely be others more qualified to teach this.”

They said, “Prove it.”

So I read through the libraries, bought books by the dozen, looking for others with the skills I felt I lacked. I found some authors with a similar love, who used their hearts to communicate. However, I couldn’t find anyone who was writing about the barriers we have in our culture to interspecies communication and how to overcome them. Especially about the fear of insects. Or how individuals could change from the attitude of human dominance to  cooperation. But I still held back.

Hmm… Is this a barrier or a doorway?

“Do we have to feed you to the whales?”

The Devas finally said, “Are you going to be like Jonah? Do we have to feed you to the whales or what?” Woops! I got on it!

I wrote up a bibliography of now over a hundred books, available here. Finally, in 2001, I started to teach.

The Devas of the Columbia Gorge have a mission to help humans communicate with Nature. So I held my first workshops there. Then they told me they would go to each of the other workshop sites to teach the local Devas and nature spirits how to help participants open up to them. After the first workshops at the Columbia Gorge, the Devas kept their promise. Every participant was able to connect, no matter how left-brain, fearful, or timid they started out.

In 2002, I started to teach Garden Communication classes to adults, children and elders. I was nicknamed “The Plant Whisperer.” And continued teaching these until 2009.

Garden, tree, and nature communication classes: heal ourselves, heal the planet

Post script, 2019. I started again to teach Garden Communication at Gabriel Park Community Gardens in Portland, Oregon in 2017.

After the 2017 wildfires, the Devas who were on a mission to help humans learn to communicate with them moved to Tryon Creek State Park, near Portland Oregon. I have been teaching classes there, since the late summer of 2019. Look for full length workshops there or near Los Angeles, CA, where the spirits of Nature are also eager to help you learn and wake up.

  • Contact me at 503-708-2911; or
  • And I invite you to leave comments, your experiences or questions below.

Gratitude to GOM Tree

In early December, 2019, I took my friend and Los Angeles coordinator, Lenna, to a park near her home in Pasadena. She wanted answers to troubling questions. This is best solved by a Wisdom or Teaching Tree. She had never heard answers from a tree before, although she had experiences of flowers and bushes waving at her and giving her signs of delight when she related to them.

Different trees have different roles in relation to humans. This Pasadena park had a large circle of old oak trees. I hesitated. Oak trees at the Earthrise Retreat Center in Petaluma CA were largely sentinel trees. They were looking out for the people there, protecting them, bringing energy down, and helping people tune in. They were watchful. And most of the ones at Earthrise told me their role was not to communicate with humans. Remembering that, I wasn’t certain whether these Pasadena oak trees would talk to Lenna.

It may take a while to find which trees each person can relate to most easily. So I was on the lookout for my friend as we walked into the park. She didn’t seem to find ones that resonated. At first, I didn’t either.

Meeting GOM, an old Oak Tree

Then I saw one very old, very large gnarled oak tree with a generous leafy canopy that came almost to the ground. It had two major trunks, about equally balanced, growing from one main trunk and root. I felt drawn to that tree and called her attention to it.

2019-12-06 14.43.46 GOM

Double or multiple trunks can be a sign of a wisdom or teaching tree. They may have answers when people are pulled in different directions, or have difficulty with decisions. Those trees have learned to share resources and nutrients, and contribute to each other’s well being. This is true whether they are two trees coming from intertwined roots, or one tree with more than one trunk.

2019-12-06 14.36.32 GOM with two trunks

Double or multiple trunks are sometimes a sign of a wisdom or teaching tree.

This tree had several faces on it. In one of the top faces, it seemed as though it had its eyes closed, not hostile, perhaps trying to shut something out, mellow, mischievous or meditative.

2019-12-06 14.36.32 GOM with two trunks details of faces

The face just below it was harder for us to decipher. To me it looked as though its crown chakra and third eye were open. The squinty eyes, clear broad nose and mouth don’t show so well in this picture. To my view, it seemed to be taking in a great deal of information.


However, it looked frightening to Lenna.

After making some effort to open her heart, she got more and more distressed by the faces and the energy of the tree. She started closing down. Fear is not a good way to learn to communicate with trees. I realized something needed to shift.

Lenna attempting to listen to the tree, still afraid

What was I to do? Then I remembered. My local back yard trees (“anchor trees”) had spirits that jumped from Tryon Creek State Park to share their love, wisdom, guidance and mentoring. Before this trip, they had promised to be available for both me and Lenna. And it was obvious that we needed their help. So I called on them.

Portland trees to the rescue!

They came right away. I sent my roots down into the earth to draw on the strength of the anchor trees. Their energy flowed into me like sweet maple syrup. I poured their love and power into the old oak tree. Immediately, he came alive. He said, gruffly, “Don’t expect me to be one of those lovey-dovey trees!” I gently agreed, glad he was talking.

He asked, “Do you hear the men behind you?” Lenna and I could both hear the cursing behind us. Lenna explained that men and boys came to the park, especially the frisbee golf section ringed by these old oak trees. They smoked, spat, talked rough and behaved rudely, all the time.

The tree followed up on what Lenna was saying, and said that we could call him Grumpy Old Man. He had a huge job to do, along with the other oak trees. Their mission is to neutralize and detoxify the men and boys who came to the park. They cleansed them enough of their anger and resentments, so that they could go back into human society, to their families and children more mellow, to not be creating harm.

Grateful to Grumpy Old Man and his team of trees

I got the impression that these stalwart oak trees deliberately attract these boys and men, in order to be of service to us. When I explained this, Lenna agreed they were much needed. She started softening and overcame some of her fear. We nicknamed him GOM.

Lenna is much happier with GOM and grateful for the major job that he is doing.

As we were driving away, my home trees conveyed more information to me from GOM. He said that he was glad that we were attempting to teach humans to communicate with them. That if more of us were focused on uplifting humanity, it would relieve the toxic load on the trees that are serving to cleanse the atmosphere and the earth.

Although they are called to be of service and they fulfill the calling, they also experience and react to our emotions. And they do feel pain. They were hurting from the hostility and absorbing human hurts. We owe them a lot. And it helps them when we show our gratitude.

Gratitude from GOM

At the next visit, GOM expressed his thanks that more people are learning to talk with trees. He told me I could also convey his thanks to a FB group called Tree Lovers, Whisperers and BioBalancers. That group advocates collective efforts to awaken humanity to love for trees and Nature.

Lenna told me the same messages of GOM’s gratitude. I am grateful she can now access his wisdom. It is the first time she has talked to a tree.

As part of the FB group, I have connected GOM to a worldwide grid of humans and trees supporting each other. I can tell his job is easier because of that. The FB group has been pouring their love and prayers. I get the impression that it helps GOM and the other trees to feel connected, and their task is getting lighter. Since then, Lenna has received other messages, and also said he is softening, easier to talk with.

January 2020 update

Lenna reports that the hostile aspects of humanity in the park have abated. Also, more women are coming to the park. It’s amazing to witness both the uplift of humanity and the improvement in the trees’ unpleasant tasks. Lenna even said that sometimes the human park and tree energy is mellow!

What are your experiences with the emotional lives of trees, their relationship with humans and their wisdom?

Heal the Earth, IONS Inspirations

Are you consciously helping to heal our planet?

Most of the people I know are attempting to live more lightly and flow more gently with the earth. Recycling, composting, growing our own food. Some people even living off the grid, downsizing. Taking steps to curb pollution and plastic waste, create less garbage. But there’s more that can happen when we are conscious of doing this together.

Do you have the conviction that united, with our hearts full of love and compassion, and with focused intention, we can make a difference? Or are you struggling with “climate despair” and feeling either depression or anger?

I learned that we are on the threshold of a new era. And that despair gives way to the fierce determination to make a difference. The recent IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) Conference, and the CHI (Consciousness and Healing Initiative) pre-conference, Biofield Science and Healing July, 2019 gave me new hope.

IONS speakers told of how science, spirituality, and activism are coming together. They know we can use the power of our collective consciousness for the good of the whole.img_6331-e1568029345335.jpg

Inner call to IONS

I had been called inwardly to re-start teaching Nature Communication classes. I looked online, with different search terms, to convince myself that I was not alone. And not crazy. I came across various beloved authors. Their older books line my walls. Then I read Jude Currivan, a physics and consciousness oriented cosmologist, author of The Cosmic Hologram.

Jude was going to be teaching in Santa Clara. I thought, “that’s not so far”. I looked at the program, and realized all these faves, and dozens of others were also going to be speaking!

Out of 700 people, I did not know a single person, beforehand. And yet we are all in this together. And we can find a way out, together.

Jude Currivan: fractal patterns for peaceimg_5960.jpg

Dr. Currivan introduced some of the latest physics. How the apparent solidity of the physical world is not the true reality. 99.99% is nothingness, black holes and dark matter. What is left is ripples and relationships in energy fields. The fundamental unit is no longer the atom, but information.

img_6390.jpgShe spoke of how fractal patterns are universal–from how metals change their state, to river systems, coastlines, biological relations like rabbit reproduction, to patterns of wildfires, earthquakes and galaxies. And how they play out in human behavior, computer and social networks.

Please take note of this if you are prone to “climate despair”:

Jude said that the fractal patterns of hurricanes and earthquakes, the destructive patterns of our wars and conflicts can be mirrored by how we can manifest the same power to create peace.

It’s apparently up to us.

john a. powell: Overcoming “othering”

john a. powell spoke eloquently about overcoming the sense of separateness, the “othering” that plagues our social relations. He spoke of the deep divisions in this country, that show up in immigration suffering, in bitterness and political hostility, in denial of the basic humanity of the other as oneself.

The “othering” can be across races. It can be across gender differences, economic inequality, national borders, religions. It can be across species.

Compassionate Interspecies Communication

We can overcome that sense of separation, of “otherness” and experience oneness with each other. Also with trees, plants, and yes, even with insects. We can train ourselves to apply universal love, translate it into compassion, and tap into our higher purposes for being here.

At this conference, I heard that dominance is on the way out as we become more woke. And habits of “othering” can be overcome. In fact, we are all on the threshold of a new way to live, to find our gifts and use them (see gifts)

How are you already part of this change?

Have you also been working hard, to serve your family, community, humanity and the planet? Every act of loving kindness, blessing, forgiveness counts. I invite you to extend that love to communicate with nature.

Are you already aware of the interconnectedness of all living things? Do you know about how trees communicate through fungal networks, called the Wood Wide Web? Do you know how plants communicate with each other?

We can retrain our minds.

We need to overcome some false beliefs. Perhaps first is to throw out the belief in human dominance. Replace it with mutuality, respect, compassion, knowing that we are interconnected, even intertwined.

As we each do our part, with all our hearts, contributing to the whole, we become part of the fractal pattern that allows humanity and the world to heal.

If you would like some company, please consider joining me at any of the following classes listed here:


Meeting Bear and Rattlesnakes

First, a Bear Encounter

When I was six years old, we lived in rural Millis, Massachusetts. My favorite times were in nature. One time I stayed too late picking wild blueberries, and knew that mom would be mad. I wasn’t supposed to be late for dinner. So I took the shortcut home, through the woods. I wasn’t supposed to do that, either, but it was much faster than to go back through the end of the blueberry patch, past the cow pond, alongside the brook and up the steeply sloping path to the cow and horse pasture behind our home.

So as darkness was threatening, I hurried through the woods instead. I almost didn’t notice a large bear. Well, it was hard not to notice. Bears were the reason we weren’t supposed to go through the woods alone. I froze as I had been taught. And stared at the bear.

He or she was perhaps 15-20 feet away. He or she wasn’t staring back at me. Kind of sitting there, enjoying the evening air, not interested in me. Or pretending to not be interested, I wasn’t sure. I stayed frozen for perhaps 10 minutes, although it seemed much longer. I couldn’t remember the difference between upwind and downwind to know if the bear could smell me. Finally, the known risk of mom’s wrath was more urgent than some nebulous warnings about disinterested bears. So I bolted.

Made it home, didn’t tell parents

The bear didn’t follow. I ran out of the woods to the grassy field across from our house. In late summer, the browning grass was taller than I was. So once I was in it, I couldn’t see my way out. I kept jumping up and down like a rabbit/ cricket/ kangaroo/ puppet, to see over the tops of the grass and make sure I was still going in the right direction. Finally got home. Didn’t tell Mom or Dad. Didn’t want to get in worse trouble for running into a bear.

How dangerous are bears, really? Probably only if they are hungry, are threatened or attacked. What if that bear already had a tummy full of blueberries? What if a curious and scrawny, although tardy, six year old child was not appetizing? Perhaps that bear was upwind and could not smell me anyway. After all, it was up a slight slope. Perhaps bears do not have acute vision? Perhaps it was even a baby bear who didn’t hunt for itself? I couldn’t tell. It looked huge to me. Even in zoos, I had never been that close to a bear.

Bear Encounters Don’t Make the News if Children Don’t Tell

I bet there’s plenty of encounters with bears that don’t make the news because someone doesn’t tell their parents. Certainly not all encounters are deadly.

What about rattlesnakes?

It’s also true that not all rattlesnake encounters are deadly. Yet we have been trained to consider rattlesnakes as vicious, dangerous, even evil. What have these innocent snakes done to deserve a reputation like that? They have no feet. They are slow moving except to strike. With their beautiful intriguing patterned markings, flexible shape, and mode of travel and diet that is somewhat different than ours, perhaps they seem separate, alien.

It is time to question that alienation.

We are living with the consequences of the old paradigm of separation from nature. And the false beliefs we swallowed at an early age. As we become aware of the devastation to the ecological balance, deforestation, planetary warming, climate change emergencies perhaps we are hearing the warning bells that it is time to make a shift. The declining health of our planet follows centuries of our separation from nature. As Dorothy Maclean wrote, in To Honor the Earth, “Advanced thinkers are proposing this shift out of separation into oneness for all of our relationships.”

Are snakes really bad, evil, fearsome?

Our mythology casts snakes, especially rattlesnakes in a bad light. (Not so for other cultures.) Because they are different, does that make them bad? They are a part of the web of life, just as we are. They have their place in nature. They have fangs with something that is, in some snakes, poisonous to us. They don’t attack unless threatened. Like humans, they can smell fear, and it activates the protect/attack reflex. We do the same. We are just not as aware of how our reactions come from an ancient sense of smell. It’s called the reptilian brain for good reason.

What if snakes are sensitive to thoughts?

According to Kinship with All Life snakes are sensitive to thoughts. What are your thoughts about rattlesnakes? When I have talked even to my semi-enlightened friends, on the spiritual path, they still react with fear, revulsion. Some people think our brains are hardwired to fear snakes. Although Native Americans treat them with respect.

Kinship with All Life: “We are all interrelated in a common accord, a common purpose and a common good. We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra, in which each living instrument is essential to the complementary and harmonious playing of the whole.”

For this article, I even put the bear story first, because people aren’t as afraid of bears as snakes. I didn’t want you to avoid this post out of fear, aversion or loathing. What would have been your reaction to a title, “Encounter with a Rattlesnake”? Be honest. No one is watching. You might have assumed that I barely survived, out of courage, or luck? Bears also have a cuddly association with teddy bears, that snakes don’t.

Kinship with All Life

I first read Kinship With All Life, by J. Allen Boone around 1978. It was originally published in 1954. Mr. Boone became the caretaker for a famous movie dog. The dog became a spiritual teacher to the man. It has been a classic on the ethics and spiritual values of interspecies communication, as it recognizes the intelligence of all life. (See Bibliography for a synopsis). For me, it has been a beacon of new human relationships to Nature.

It has two chapters on rattlesnakes, with observations of rattlesnakes in relation to humans, both white and Native Americans. Here are some excerpts:

“The rattlesnakes were indeed selective. They were biting the white men, and they were extending almost complete immunity to the Indians…

“Almost everywhere I went there was vicious and relentless warfare going on between white men and rattlesnakes…But I could find no such warfare between the Indians and the rattlesnakes…

“My dog-trains-man sessions with Strongheart had shown me the trouble that unseen mental forces can cause in one’s contacts with animals… that one’s thinking, in all its nakedness, always precedes him and accurately proclaims his real nature and intention.”

A First Rattlesnake Encounter

In 1996, I was living in Grants Pass, Oregon. I was walking briskly in a park, along the turbulent Rogue River. It was a narrow but well-marked dirt path, with trees to my right towards the river, and the undergrowth of a steep slope of the embankment to my left. Suddenly, I heard the loud rattle of a rattlesnake. I froze.

With as little movement as possible, I looked cautiously for the source of the rattle. He/she was right next to my left leg, coiled in the brush, ready to strike, with his/her head about eight inches away from my bare calf. I counted the rattles, six.

I remembered the encounter with the bear. What was the same? Frozen again. What was different? I loved the concepts of Kinship with All Life. I decided to practice them.

I controlled my breathing and slowed it down. I recognized I had startled the snake and he/she was responding out of protection. So I extended my heart and apologized. The rattling continued for a little bit, then stopped. Even though the snake was coiled, motionless, still next to my leg, I realized it was no longer ready to strike. I focused on a deep, loving, peaceful meditation with it, and came to emptiness. The thought came, “What am I still doing here?” And then I bolted.

A Second Rattlesnake Encounter

I had an encounter with a diamond back rattlesnake in the Angeles National Forest July 21, 2019, when I was looking for potential workshop sites. He was large, about 5 feet long, coming across the road. Lenna, who was driving the car, veered and braked to avoid hitting him.

I asked her to park in the road to protect him from other rapidly moving traffic. However, I could see he was still in danger. I got out of the car to be near him, as I knew I was taller and more visible to drivers. He made his way across a dirt parking lot. I was filled with awe and asked permission to photograph and film him at close range. He was exquisitely beautiful. I felt a heightened sense of connection and alertness to his every move, immersed in profound love and admiration for him. Fear never entered my mind, as my concern was only to ensure his safety. If anything, I felt as if I was in the presents of a Being beyond form.

At the end, he told me to turn off the camera. His message was that he represented the Deva of Rattlesnakes. They would guarantee the safety of everyone in my workshops in Southern CA, since I was unfamiliar with snakes, ticks, and other potential hazards. The love and sense of protection would be returned in kind.

I had to go home and reread Kinship With All Life, with two chapters on rattlesnakes. I seem to have absorbed the lessons. I spontaneously came from a place of kinship, “all are relations” as my Native sisters and brothers say. I am so grateful. This rattlesnake was truly a divine gift and teacher.

2019-07-21 19.36.01rattlesnake in focus on gravel parking lot

Diamond back rattlesnake, and guardian spirit

Would love to have you join me on any of these adventures. Write or leave a message below:


Heal Your Body, Listen to its Sacred Story

What is sacred about your body’s story?

Old people often say about their arthritis, that their bones are talking to them. But not bones alone. Every part of the body can talk. It is usually about some type of pain, like a headache, toothache or ankle sprain. How can this be sacred?

Sacred has to do with sacrament, or making something holy, elevating it with reverence. Often in a spiritual tradition.

The sacredness of our body can be experienced when we regard it as a holy teacher that can move us forward in our evolution. And yes, there can be a pain with evolution. There could also be joy.

The sacrum, the triangular bone at the base of the spine, has the same word root as sacred, because it is a singular quality in humans. It is what supports us in our uprightness. How can we magnify our uprightness? How can every aspect of our lives become sacred? I believe that happens when we use our bodies for service. That is how to create a new story from your bones, uncomplaining, and joyous.

Your body’s story is your history, what you make of your experience. You have a lot of power, a lot of choice in how you interpret what happens to you. Non-judgmental awareness, with an attitude of loving kindness, in the witness state, can help you create a new story. This awareness can bring you to mindfulness, a new relationship with your body.

So then we come to the Devas of the body.

What are Devas? And Deva Communion Healing?

Deva is from a Sanskrit word, meaning “shining ones.” They are similar to what we call angels. In the body, they hold the pattern for every organ, every cell. You can call upon that Deva, to help your body move closer to health.

Devas then whisper to your tissues, “Grow into the perfection you were designed for.”

“For every blade of grass, there is an angel that whispers, “Grow, grow!”–the Talmud

Every person now alive, from every corner of the world, has ancestors that knew about these whispering angels. However, most of us have forgotten. (See On Talking With Trees to help remember.) There were different names for these angels and for the tiny beings under them: fairies, sprites, elves, nature spirits, little people, lukumi, orisha, yosei. If you are lucky, your grandmother or even parents mentioned them to you. Or you have known them as guides and companions, sources of inspiration or wisdom.

I call them Devas. All around the world, we clothe these vast angelic presences and tiny helpers in our imaginations. And we create stories about them, and about the “little people”. The little people help Devas to create what we see as Nature. Your body is also part of nature!


So Devas guide and direct the life of our body. Even our organs have a Deva that knows how it can function best. It whispers, “Heal, transform!”

How does this fit with science?

All parts of our body display consciousness, as if each is listening to that whisper. Even immune cells show intelligence. Every thought triggers multiple events throughout the body, especially in the brain, neurons and immune system. (The Life of a Thought in the Brain.) We add meaning to the thought. Our meaning comes from our personal history and associations. And these trigger memories that determine our brain-body’s response. So when we have thoughts of loving kindness, it can bathe every cell with benefit.

Health practitioners know that our bodies have the intelligence to heal. From a small cut, to a broken leg, our bodies know what to do.  We also know that emotional wounds respond to love. Taken a step further, when we accept our feelings, we can transform them. And another step: when we send love, compassion and gratitude to areas of our body that hurt, or store painful emotions, we activate that intelligence and life force to heal. We bring peace to our life.

We then see how our stories change.

How do our stories affect our health?

Our thoughts and beliefs influence our digestion, heart rate, immune system, mood, and strength. Even more, they affect how every cell communicates. We know this from research in such fields as psychoneuroimmunology and the neuroscience of relationships. Also from the far-reaching health benefits of mindfulness meditation. And the astonishing rapport of the “gut-brain axis”.

Because we can gain power over our thoughts, we can consciously co-create our bodies and lives. Right now, most of what we have created is unconscious. But we can rewrite metaphors such as “he/ she/ it is such a pain in the neck” or, “I feel stuck.” so that they serve our healing. Sometimes we are forced to rewrite them, because our lives stop working in the old way. The new pain science—the biopsychosocial model of pain—engages the brain to change by changing the story we create. I use similar principles to help you heal.

What is Deva Communion Healing?

Private sessions may be on the phone or in my office. First I listen to your history. Next, I use body mapping and anatomy, body metaphors and movement to zero in on the issue. I tune into your body’s innate wisdom to communicate and send love to muscles, joints, and other tissues. As I sense tissue changes, I give you feedback about your focus. I then teach you to breathe love, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude to activate your body’s intelligence in the direction of better health.

Finally, I give you exercises to continue at home to increase your sense of empowerment. Your experience will change. You will have a new story.

I thus support your growth into becoming your own “Body Whisperer”.

These sessions can be scheduled for remote healing via phone or video calls, or in person, in my Portland, Oregon office.

Please feel free to call with questions. Schedule an in-person session or a remote healing session from
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Classes for You

Update May 12, 2020: Private Garden Coaching and Tree Talking sessions are available remotely, by video. Private Garden Coaching sessions, in person, under social distancing guidelines are available locally in Portland, Oregon, by appointment. You can schedule here:

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ladybug on leek flower

Some of the Nature Communication skills you might gain or improve:

  • Talk with trees
  • Cooperate with insects
  • Soar with a gorgeous sunset or climb high with mountains
  • Tune into your pet
  • Talk to your body
  • Make friends with Crow or Rattlesnake, Bumblebee or Frog

The Garden Coaching sessions will assist with the following skills:

* Become aware of the special bond you already have with your garden and gain more satisfying interactions;
* Talk to plants and know when they are talking back;
* Learn a cooperative and co-creative approach to gardening;
* Visualize how your garden will look; create a plan in timing with the seasons so you can see it manifest
* Overcome prejudices against weeds and insects;
* Adopt win-win insect negotiation strategies (see Insect Communication and Cooperation page);
* Cultivate an atmosphere of non-violence in your backyard.


caterpillar dancing on silken threads at Temescal trail

I am here to be of service to you in this way.

Our positive intent can be part of the emerging fractal patterns of conscious unity and planetary healing.

Past workshops and classes

Portland, Oregon

(Free and open to the public in 2019. Pre-registration required to hold space.)

Nature Communication To Heal Ourselves, Heal the Earth


Tryon Creek State Park
(Nature Center, to Jackson Shelter)
11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd
Portland, OR 97219


Monday, September 2, 10:30 AM. Connect with Nature, Wisdom of the Trees.

Tues. Sept 17. 2:00-4:00 PM. Tree intelligence and human communication

  • How trees communicate with each other, Wood Wide Web
  • How trees and humans communicate
  • How to know when trees are talking back-mindful body awareness
  • Gain peace and equanimity, release stress, send love and healing into the Earth

Sun. Sept. 22 10:00 AM-12:30 PM Talk with Trees to Heal the Earth

  • Your strongest communication modes
  • Biofield awareness: Use your body, quiet the mind
  • Formulate questions, find a tree that calls to you
  • Overcome “climate despair” as we experience the power of this partnership.

Sun. Sept. 29, 10 AM-12:00 PM Wisdom of Trees: Heal Ourselves and the Earth

  • Basics of talking with trees.
  • Open our hearts to connect. Experience calm and peace. Release tensions and stresses.
  • Send healing into Mother Earth
  • Offer our questions to the trees and listen for their response. 


Sunday, October 6, 1PM-4PM Tree Communication: Knowing Them, Knowing Ourselves

Sunday, Oct. 27, 2 classes

1. 10AM-12:00 PM Nature Communication: Bridge to the Infinite

  • Intelligence in plants (Science)
  • Spiritual meaning and value of trees around the world
  • Heart-brain coherence: love, peace, presence, gratitude, joy; let your heart expand
  • How heart-brain coherence opens up two-way Nature communication.

2. 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM Wisdom of the Trees: Heal Ourselves

  • Talk with trees, 12 steps to connect
  • Open our hearts: all senses. Even listen to the forest whisper to itself.
  • Experience calm and peace. Release tensions and stresses.
  • Offer our questions and listen for their response. 

November, December 2019 and January, February 2020 classes will be indoors in Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA

Sunday, November 3, 2019 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM. How a change of consciousness can help heal our planet

Have you experienced climate despair? What is the evidence that we can make a difference, when our hearts are united in love, with focused intention?

Join us for an open discussion of how changes in human consciousness can affect the environment and give hope while contributing to reverse environmental degradation.

Are you conscious of the need to change our policies and lives, to make the planet more liveable? Have you had experiences of changing your body or health, or other situations, with mindfulness, prayer, affirmations? How can we apply those practices to the needs of the Earth and humanity?

Discussion may be shared remotely by a phone-based conference call.

Saturday, Nov. 16, 7-9 PM. Potluck and sharing 6:30-7:00 pm, Vancouver, WA at private home. Nature Communication, Bridge to the Infinite. Indoors. Must register through Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS, Vancouver chapter. email me for details. Also available by Zoom.

December, Los Angeles ($ sliding scale) Nature Communication: Bridge to the Infinite

Thurs. Dec 5, 2019. 7PM-9PM Nature Communication: Nature’s Wisdom

We will cover:

*Science of how plants communicate, how we communicate with them.
*How everything is alive, has consciousness, is connected.
*Indigenous wisdom and spirituality, family or ancestral traditions.
*How to access healing, find answers to questions, attune to nature and the Earth.

RSVP required, space is limited. Contact

Sat. Dec. 7, 2019 Garden Communication: Plants and Insects

Sat. Dec. 7, 2019 Santa Monica Park Lagoon Walk

Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019 10:00 AM-4:30 PM

Temescal Gateway Conference Center.

Bring paper and pen; art materials; recording device; an open heart; an open mind; problems and questions.

A. Wisdom of the Trees, Intelligence and Communication

B. Human communication modes; use your body and Biofield to feel, hear, sense, or see

C. Personal healing with the trees

D. Tree intelligence, human partnership. Meditation with Trees as Bridge to the Infinite

E. Talk with Trees for Healing the Earth

For all events:

Pre-registration required.

If you would like to be notified when the next Talking with Trees or Heal the Earth class/ workshop is offered, please contact me: or


Or leave a comment below.

New Consciousness Paradigm

A call to the truth of our connection

Our connection is the story of humanity, on our little blue marble of a planet, suspended in space. We have only this one little planet to call home. We have only this one time, perhaps 12 years, to restore this planet to livability. We have only ourselves to blame. And we have only ourselves to rely on.

Our planet needs us now. Each of us has a contribution to make. Each of us has gifts. The most important thing is for each of us to offer the gifts that fill our hearts: compassion, kindness, acts of love, forgiveness. And to offer our gifts, selflessly, wherever we are called.

I am called to teach people to communicate with nature. I hope by doing so, that we can communicate not only with the immediate nature that we can see and feel. Also to spread our consciousness, with love, to the entire planet. And also to all of humanity. Because truly we are one.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to learn that, however. And to learn to overcome the habits we created when we were deluded by belief in our domination of nature. And we have much pain to heal from our past domination of and exploitation of each other.

Noetic Sciences Conference, IONS, July 18-21, 2019

IONS, Institute of Noetic Sciences, was founded by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell. He had a “spontaneous epiphany experience”, on the way back from the Apollo 14 mission. When he saw our little blue marble of a planet suspended in space, he saw our fragility, our thin atmosphere necessary for life. He recognized our oneness, in every molecule, every living being. He went to Indian Vedic literature to find similarities to his experience of “unity, oneness, accompanied by ecstasy.”

I realized that the story of ourselves as told by science—our cosmology, our religion—was incomplete and likely flawed. I recognized that the Newtonian idea of separate, independent, discrete things in the universe wasn’t a fully accurate description. What was needed was a new story of who we are and what we are capable of becoming.

–Dr. Edgar Mitchell

This is the famous picture of our little blue marble. (Wikipedia)


In 1973, Dr. Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Its mission “is to reveal the interconnected nature of reality through scientific exploration and personal discovery, creating a more compassionate, thriving, and sustainable world.”

At the 18th International IONS conference, I felt like I finally landed.

For many years I have kept my spiritual experiences and communities separate from my clinical work as a massage therapist and researcher. And talking with Devas? Almost afraid to mention. Although I have taught clients so they could be empowered into a new relationship with their bodies.

Then, the spiritual side of life kept intruding into my nice neat tidy professional life. Like, recently, Mother Mary of Guadalupe appeared in my treatment room to direct me and the client to heal a severely painful displaced fracture in her foot. When the client told me who it was, I had to look her up on the internet. She fit the picture.

Many of my friends are environmental and social justice activists. I used to do that. But I have a different trajectory in the present. Nowadays, I am more concerned with strengthening people to heal themselves with compassion and love. And I have a deep conviction that love is more powerful than the forces that divide us.

I am just as deeply committed as my friends to make this world a better place, to heal our planet. But I am called differently.

At this conference, I felt like I came home. I knew no one before hand. Then heard dozens of researchers and scientists who echoed my own convictions. Who were talking about the interface of science, spirituality and activism. 

Science is showing what spirituality and indigenous traditions have said for a long time. We have reached the end of an era. We can no longer follow the old pattern of beliefs that we are separate. It has destroyed so much of our environment and our hearts in relationship to each other.

Instead we must act out of love and compassion and kindness, in every possible aspect of our lives. And that every act of loving kindness contributes to uplift the whole. Our consciousness is shifting. That was one of the most powerful messages that I would like to share from the conference.

Consciousness and Healing Initiative, CHI

July 18 was a pre-conference, presented by the Consciousness and Healing Initiative, CHI, on Biofield Science and Healing. It was led by Dr. Shamini Jain. I have followed her Biofield research for many years. However it took until halfway through the program that I realized she was the same person. She introduced a program full of stunning speakers I have quoted from for years.

2019-07-19 10.47.30-2

Deepak Chopra at Biofield Science and Healing IONS pre-conference

Later, other inspirational thinkers, researchers, social pioneers and spiritual lights joined in the chorus. And I will never forget the power of Rev. Paulette Pipe having us collectively bless the world with a Buddhist ceremony. Takeaway: our consciousness is powerful, when we are united in love and compassion, to change not only our bodies, also the world.

Hearts and minds in collaboration

I saw how, when we put our hearts and minds together, in a focused, collaborative way, we can experience the power to bless that comes from unity, a sense of oneness. We may never recover from all the environmental damage that we’ve done, but we can probably stop the decline from going further.

Altogether, it inspired me to be of greater service to our wholeness. I invite you to join me in Nature, or join with like minded others close to you, to heal the wounds in our society, in other people, in our relationships.

Paradigm change: domination on the way out

The old paradigm was about human dominance over nature, and separation from each other. Individualism and greed justified wars and violence. It excused the cruelty that many inflicted and the “othering” that sees differences as “the enemy”.

It was about separation of mind from body, of heart from soul. It seemed to have a lot of power. But it is eroding along with our environment declining. It was easy to be frightened by these changes. However, I am no longer frightened. Just determined to do my part.

New paradigm: our interconnectness, mutuality, Co-creation.

We can recruit our loving heart energy and deep faith as part of the solution.

Each one of you can also feel the power, the possibility of how we can make change by our loving focused intention, collectively. Have you ever experienced this before? What does this remind you of?

Upcoming workshops and classes

I invite you to join me in Nature Communication. Updated classes are listed at:

To Heal the Earth


If you would like to be notified of any of the next classes please email: or call 503-708-2911.

  • Nature Communication
  • Opening our Hearts to Interspecies Communication
  • Build Heart Relationships with Nature
  • Replace Human Dominance with Co-Creation
  • Nature Intelligences
  • Talking with Trees
  • Heart Meditation to Heal the Earth
  • Deva Communion

Or leave a comment below. Or, if you have experienced the power of collective consciousness focused with love, please feel free to share below. Thank you.


Unite our individual gifts to heal

Our Planet Needs Us Now…

We are in a crisis. Is it enough so that we put our hearts and hands and hands together to find solutions for this planet we call home?

Many say the primary problem is separation: separation from each other, from our hearts; from our bodies; from Nature; and ultimately from a deep inner knowingness of the truth that we are one.

We can do something about that separation, however. We can apply principles of love, the intention to do good, compassion, mercy. We can unite our hearts and hands. We can recognize our inter-dependence. And as we work together, we will rediscover our oneness.

We must each do what we can, not like cookie cutters. My gift is to teach people to communicate with nature and that is what I offer right now.

What are your gifts?

Each of us has a contribution to make. For some, it might be raising children or building a home. Others might shine in the fields of technology, customer service, education, management, gardening, farming, activism, the arts, writing, singing, poetry, drama, healing, research, caring for the ill. The most important thing is for each to offer our gifts with our whole hearts. To cultivate compassion, kindness, love, forgiveness in the gardens of our heart. And to grow our gifts as flowers, to offer beautiful bouquets selflessly, as sacred acts, wherever we are called.

Rise up

I know that we probably cannot reverse all the environmental harm we have created. We cannot bring back the species that have gone extinct, for example. However, it’s possible to have a significant effect. I have already seen the profound results of being able to reverse GMO’s.

I have also seen people reverse multiple degenerative conditions and avoid surgery. Because they had mindfulness and determination. What is the difference between healing our bodies and healing our planet? Perhaps it seems like too big a task? I have seen on a smaller scale, that we can communicate with the Divine Intelligences in Nature, with clarity, sincerity of purpose, and focused intention.

Love and compassion, focused intention

Recently, I attended the 18th International IONS conference and the CHI pre-conference, “I Don’t End Here”: Biofield Science and Healing. Talented engineers, doctors, dancers, spiritual teachers, ministers, meditators, shamans, leading edge thinkers, researchers, all inspired me. I learned that we are on the verge of a new era. As we harness our strength in the service of our vision, we overcome our fears. We find the power of possibilities.

Some examples of research were given by Rollin McCraty, founder of HeartMath. “We’re at the dawn of recognizing love as the new transformational intelligence.” This conference taught that when we focus our intention, using our whole hearts, collectively we can change not only ourselves but also our environment.

“What happens if we realize that we exist beyond our physical bodies, and that our consciousness and energy fields can connect to foster healing?” –Consciousness and Healing Initiative, CHI pre-conference at IONS Conference)


I was even more deeply convinced by a ceremony of blessing conducted by Rev. Paulette Pipe. As she had us go through a process of using our hearts and our hands to collectively bless every continent of the earth, all the children and adults, all of the plants and the earth and the trees, all relations and relationships, I could feel the power of good. It grew in force in that room of 700 people blessing. And I was moved to tears as I recognized, this is how we spread it to the whole earth.

This has a little part of the meditation she did with us, however in person with her, and collectively, it was off the charts.

These experiences shone some light on a pathway out–for all of us. No longer as isolated individuals, but united in heart, with the purpose of uplifting all of us, as a whole. 

From the IONS conference page:

“mind-expanding presentations by world-renowned speakers discussing astrophysics, molecular biology, indigenous wisdom, mind-body healing, consciousness and technology, extraordinary human capacities, and more!”

Are you inspired to make a difference? Each tiny act of kindness, contributes to the whole.

I have been teaching classes since then on Nature Communication. I recognize that each of us also needs personal healing in order to offer our gifts in service, to fulfill the highest that we can be. So I have been teaching people to communicate with the intelligence of their bodies, as well as trees, insects and all of nature.

Please consider joining me at Classes and Programs

Pre-registration required:


Raw Foods Gourmet: Vegetable Garden Crackers

Raw foods gourmet recipe: Vegetable Garden Crackers. Just got published by The Wellness Universe. In the fall I will have a whole section of recipes on this website. For now, follow this link for one of them:

Tree communication, National Geographic video

Latest science

Trees talk to each other in the forest. They share resources through mycorrhizal networks of fungi. The taller trees take in more sunlight, make more sugars than they need, and share them with smaller trees, in the shade. They also communicate signals warning of predators. Recipients of those warning signals can mount immune system strategies to strengthen them against attacks.

The value of hub trees in underground exchanges has been overlooked in traditional clearcutting or forestry practices and is finally changing based on much of this research. This allows for healthier forests, and deeper respect for how trees communicate.

To save our planet – one tree at a time

I was deeply moved by the inspired efforts of this Brazilian couple. Did you know what could be done to start to reverse global warming by planting trees?

Brazilian photojournalist Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado and his wife Lélia were horrified to see that Minas Gerais, a former cattle ranch and lush rainforest from his childhood, was deforested barren land by 1998.

It was Lélia’s idea to replant and to form Instituto Terra. It is an “environmental organization dedicated to the sustainable development of the Valley of the River Doce”. They demonstrate that it is possible to save our planet, one tree at a time. And more. Their institute also teaches children to become the environmental leaders we need for the next generation.

This dedication can incrementally start to reverse global warming. On a local level, they profoundly re-ordered the micro climate. In 20 years they planted over 2 million saplings. Hundreds of endangered animals thrive once again–30 species of mammals, 168 species of birds and 15 species of reptiles. Insects and fish join them as the restoration influences surrounding areas. They have trained thousands of adults, children and youth in the region to develop environmental awareness, improve lives of farmers and promote sustainable development.

“On top of reintroducing plants and animals to the area, the project has rejuvenated several once dried-up springs in the drought-prone area, and has even positively affected local temperatures.”

Couple Spends 20 Years Planting an Entire Forest and Animals Have Returned

Do they also bring you hope? Can you hear Mother Earth, where they have replanted the trees, when she whispers, “Thank you, and bless you”?

Are you familiar with Project Drawdown, a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming? It has good science behind steps that we can take. Some of them may surprise you.

Do you know of local efforts to restore habitat, reverse global warming, and cool the earth? The best ones will warm our hearts when you share them here. Thank you!

Welcome to Deva Communion

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