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Raw Foods Gourmet: Vegetable Garden Crackers

Raw foods gourmet recipe: Vegetable Garden Crackers. Just got published by The Wellness Universe. In the fall I will have a whole section of recipes on this website. For now, follow this link for one of them:

Tree communication, National Geographic video

Latest science

Trees talk to each other in the forest. They share resources through mycorrhizal networks of fungi. The taller trees take in more sunlight, make more sugars than they need, and share them with smaller trees, in the shade. They also communicate signals warning of predators. Recipients of those warning signals can mount immune system strategies to strengthen them against attacks.

The value of hub trees in underground exchanges has been overlooked in traditional clearcutting or forestry practices and is finally changing based on much of this research. This allows for healthier forests, and deeper respect for how trees communicate.

To save our planet – one tree at a time

I was deeply moved by the inspired efforts of this Brazilian couple. Did you know what could be done to start to reverse global warming by planting trees?

Brazilian photojournalist Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado and his wife Lélia were horrified to see that Minas Gerais, a former cattle ranch and lush rainforest from his childhood, was deforested barren land by 1998.

It was Lélia’s idea to replant and to form Instituto Terra. It is an “environmental organization dedicated to the sustainable development of the Valley of the River Doce”. They demonstrate that it is possible to save our planet, one tree at a time. And more. Their institute also teaches children to become the environmental leaders we need for the next generation.

This dedication can incrementally start to reverse global warming. On a local level, they profoundly re-ordered the micro climate. In 20 years they planted over 2 million saplings. Hundreds of endangered animals thrive once again–30 species of mammals, 168 species of birds and 15 species of reptiles. Insects and fish join them as the restoration influences surrounding areas. They have trained thousands of adults, children and youth in the region to develop environmental awareness, improve lives of farmers and promote sustainable development.

“On top of reintroducing plants and animals to the area, the project has rejuvenated several once dried-up springs in the drought-prone area, and has even positively affected local temperatures.”

Couple Spends 20 Years Planting an Entire Forest and Animals Have Returned

Do they also bring you hope? Can you hear Mother Earth, where they have replanted the trees, when she whispers, “Thank you, and bless you”?

Are you familiar with Project Drawdown, a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming? It has good science behind steps that we can take. Some of them may surprise you.

Do you know of local efforts to restore habitat, reverse global warming, and cool the earth? The best ones will warm our hearts when you share them here. Thank you!

Welcome to Deva Communion

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Trees for Mindful Healing

Welcoming Tree, Teacher and Healer

When you walk mindfully in the forest, especially among ancient trees, you can let go of thoughts, distractions, and stories that crowd your mind in daily life. Don’t those often harass until you feel hunted by your own thoughts? Instead, come to a park. Trees can be your friends, to let go of that noisy crowd. As silence enters, you arrive at a deep healing peace.

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment. It doesn’t mean necessarily to sit in a meditation pose. It can also happen while walking.

Mindful walking with trees

Walk on the path between the trees. Be aware of the sensation of each foot as it hits the ground, the bend of your hip, knee and ankle, the slight breeze against your face, hear the sweet bird calls above your head. Walk until you feel called to go deep within. In the company of trees, you can be present as they raise their leafy branches high, reaching for the bright sun. You can enter into stillness as they reach their roots deep into the earth.

When we attune to trees, we can imagine becoming one with them. We too can reach up to the light as if in praise. Send roots deep into the Earth, as we draw in stillness. We can become both rooted and inspired; nourished and radiant. Even while walking.

This is the start of profound healing.

Trees that teach

Today I walked in Tryon Creek State Park with a friend. The first tree that spoke gently allowed each of us to go deeper, to gain insight, to know that we were walking the right path. It is one of many trees that are teachers in Tryon Creek State Park. We called it the Welcoming Tree. This gentle tree, nestled among the brilliant green understory seems modestly understated. Yet it is a profound Teacher and Healer.

Trees that heal

Further down the trail, we came around a corner into brilliant sun. But what took my breath away was is the awareness of a great Presence. I had to look for the source of this blast of joy. Found it in this tree (below). This tree blessed each of us, with a downpour of heartfelt grace. We called it the Initiation Tree. We saw that two parts of the tree had already broken off and are entering into a state of decay, to feed other lifeforms. Meanwhile, the remaining tree is still alive and its roots spread nourishment into neighboring trees, preparing the next generation. It only knows how to bless.

Trees that listen

These trees I discovered last week. They have roots that invite you to sit and meditate. These trees will listen to any remaining thoughts that are bothering you. Until the thoughts are complete. And you are at peace. Meanwhile you have found some new tree friends!

Roots for you to sit. The trees listen.Tree Roots Offer Meditation Seatings

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I look forward to talking with trees and you!

Meditation Benches offered by the tree roots

I invite you to talk to trees. If this is new for you, I invite you to attend an upcoming workshop where I will be teaching people to talk to trees at Tryon Creek State Park. Notice how gracious the trees are in welcoming you. Like this:cropped-img_5438-e1557301333904.jpg

Or like this, as if their roots go to a lot of trouble to reach out for you:


That looks pleasant and inviting for me! Here’s some other ones, a bit more staid, perhaps, but offering a lovely place to sit and meditate:


However, there are also options offered by gracious human builders, and planted by people who care that you are comfortable:


Could you enjoy a walk with me at Tryon Creek State Park? I can teach you to communicate with the spirits of Nature, the Devas of the forest. We can practice Talking with Trees, and learn to listen to know when they are talking back. We can hear the whisper of the wind in the back-lit branches, or celebrate the sweet bird calls from the upper perches of soft green-dressed limbs. And you can receive some healing from the heaven-reaching trees, or the grounding of Mother Earth beneath your feet. What better way to spend a day?

Let me know if you would like to join me: 503-708-2911, or


Nature Communication: Ethics to Save Earth

We are facing unprecedented weather- and human- related Earth changes. As we provide essentials for our displaced brothers and sisters, restore habitat, rebuild, and still watch our oceans creep more deeply into beaches, lap at dwellings, and swallow islands, we ask, what more can we do? How can we live in greater harmony with our home? What are the ethics of human relationship to the Earth? Can we correct the imbalances we have created?

These imbalances are partly the consequences of our separation from each other. And from nature. Right now, some of us are called by love to restore our connection with each other and with the earth. Are you one of them?

Many people feel the peace and uplift of a pristine environment. Can we cooperate with nature to keep it that way? Can we access its wisdom?  Can we commune with nature to reverse the ecological damage? Can we find joy and insight in doing so?

I say yes.

Nature communion, exuberant Horsetail Falls

Everyone can communicate with the intelligences of nature.

Access to the intelligence in nature is our rightful human heritage,. However, it’s not often acknowledged in contemporary Western culture. Except in circumstances that we don’t necessarily acknowledge publicly: pet owners know they communicate heart-to-heart with their dog or cat. That’s a start!

Attitude Matters

Can we have the same love and bonding with plants and insects? To connect with other species, we must release bias and phobias. And we must also stop defining the worth of a small creature by human standards, but learn to see its inherent worth.

For example, a baby slug is perfectly designed to thrive in moisture, and eat plant material we don’t want. It is also exquisitely vulnerable. We could appreciate it for its inherent beauty. And not judge it when it eats plant material we do want. This shift helps us find the richness of a new relationship.

Thoughts matter. If even to a small degree our thoughts invalidate an insect’s beauty, intelligence and worth, it may taint our efforts to connect. And it hurts our own hearts!

Extend Boundaries, Heart

I once heard someone say that in an embrace with his sweetheart, he couldn’t tell where he left off and she began. This is a common human experience. It reveals the truth that the heart has no boundaries.

Consciously extending boundaries is necessary for a mother to have “eyes in the back of her head”, and know if her child is safe. It is useful for public speaking or theater. There, it is called projection. It allows the performer’s voice to carry to the entire audience without straining. In nature, this same extension allows us to experience more than our physical bodies.

Sensory Modes Beyond the Body

In the garden or in nature, I extend boundaries to embrace our co-inhabitants. I become aware of subtle impressions. Some people translate these impressions into pictures, or visual images. Some experience them as words, an inner hearing. Some have an inner knowing without words or images. All are equally valid, although our society typically discounts the feeling/intuitive and endorses the visual.

(For more, see my post, On Talking With Trees.)

Win-Win, Walk Gently

The next step is negotiation, which requires knowing my desired outcome. When it serves both parties needs, it is called win-win negotiation. This is just as valid for plants, pets, insects and other creatures as it is for humans. Machaelle Small Wright has identified co-creative negotiation principles, based on how humans set the purpose and direction of the garden, and how Nature responds.

Mindful walking with Mother Earth has a way of blessing us back.

Divine Creation, Little Folk in Nature

The Talmud says that for every blade of grass, there is an angel that whispers, “Grow, grow!” There is similarly one for every tiny creature. In different cultures they are called variously nature spirit, earth spirits, fairies, elves, elementals, orisha, “little people”.

In 365 Days of Walking the Red Road, Terri Jean says, “Every element of Creation expresses the Creator. Within each mountain, each stone, and each heart lies the Great Spirit. All are of the Creator, and each particle of the universe is equally deserving of respect and admiration… Know this and give praise and prayer.” (More readings are in my Bibliography.)

I call these forces by the Sanskrit term, “devas”, which means “shining ones”.

Communion with nature can be playful, joyous and expansive, as well as deeply healing. Thus we access Earth’s wisdom. Restore our health. And find solutions for our ecological and spiritual crisis!

Your comments and experiences are welcome.

Using Nature to Heal

Nature is talking. Are we listening? Or are we hurting, from the burdens of toxic pollution, oceans of plastic, and haphazard climate change? How much more do we need to hurt, before we recognize our oneness with each other, with nature, and with the planet? Let’s learn to turn it around not only by environmental and political activism–also by embracing compassionate loving Presence.

How do we activate the loving presence that we know as our spiritual core?

Are you hungry to learn a compassionate communication with nature, and with the spirits of nature? And with our bodies that are part of Nature? “There is no time not to love.” (Charlie Murphy and Jamie Sieber)

Is now the time to harness our capacity to love to change ourselves and our planet?

The world has changed since I first taught Deva Communion in the year 2001. Hundreds, even thousands of people now talk to trees. And the trees talk back. Not only trees, all of nature is more open and supportive of humans learning to communicate with them.

Now is the time. The Earth has called us to be of service. And is offering to support us in learning to communicate with her.


Trees are some of the most amazing healers, compassionate and kind, wise, comforting. Or withdrawn. What makes the difference? Trees like all plants are intelligent and sensitive to human thought and emotions (see Plant Intelligence, and Nature Communication Healing). And some trees respond to human unkindness, or displays of anger by withdrawing. You can tell. Those are the trees that don’t want to talk with you.

But most of them are astonishing in their generosity of spirit. It may take some time to get to know an individual tree. And there are certain steps to follow. Please join one of my Nature Communication or Heal the Earth classes to find out.

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